The Family

Like El Andariego, or “The Wanderer”

After whom our Mexican restaurant is named, we were wandering on our own journey – a journey to set down roots and to share our love of food with a community we could call home. That journey brought us from El Salvador to Ashton, here in Montgomery County, MD.

In 1999, Cristina and friends founded El Andariego, which quickly became one of the first popular Mexican restaurants in the area. A few years later Jaime joined Cristina to oversee the dining room during the evenings. His days were – and are – spent managing the Lafayette Room, a “destination” restaurant at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C. More recently, Jaime’s sister, Consuelo Molina, joined the team to head up the kitchen, after more than 16 years in fine Italian restaurants in Washington, D.C., most recently as Executive Chef at Finemondo.

Executive Chef: Consuelo Molina

El Andariego Restaurant truly is “all in the family.”

Consuelo works seamlessly with a devoted kitchen staff, many of whom have been here since the restaurant opened sixteen years ago. Jaime expertly oversees a bustling dining room full of familiar faces, where he has watched young kids grow into fine young adults, courtships blossom, and friendships and families flourish.

Cristina and our teenage daughter warmly greet every guest as they enter, many by name, happy to know that our family has indeed planted roots and created a gathering spot of warmth, welcome, and excellence.

And it all starts at the door. The entire El Andariego family looks forward to seeing you – and serving you –when you next wander in.

¡Cariñosos saludos! Kind regards!

Jaime and Cristina Vasquez

taken by our customers